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Kohls Credit Card Login: The Kohl's credit card, known as the Kohl's charge card, can be obtained online or in-store. There is no annual fee, it provides cardholders with some discounts at kohl's throughout the year, and those who spend more will get even more discounts. Whether you need baby clothes or kitchen items, the Kohl's credit card from capital one can help you buy what you need now with an affordable financing plan.

Kohl's charge customers also receive exclusive deals and special offers via mail and email. Here are your Kohl's charge payment options to keep your account current so you can continue to enjoy your store credit rewards. This card can only be used at Kohl's, where it can save you quite a bit of money through discount offers, but watch out for the high APR of 24.99%. Carrying a balance with this card could quickly eat into your savings. Kohl's credit card has been collected by WalletHub to help consumers better compare credit cards.

How To Apply For Kohl's Credit Card:

You can easily apply for your Kohl's card online, over the phone or in person at a Kohl's store. The information required will be the same no matter how you apply. You must be a U.S. resident, and all applications are subject to a credit check. Follow some steps to apply kohl's credit card are mentioned below:

  • Visit the Kohl's credit card application page, and enter your offer code if you have one.
  • Click the green "Apply Now" button.
  • Fill out the fields on the application page. Data fields include your name, address, Social Security number and annual gross income.
  • check
    Read through the important disclosures to understand costs and fees, your rights and how your balance is calculated.
  • check
    View the Yes2You rewards member agreement Terms and conditions to understand the Kohl's credit card rewards program.
  • check
    Click "Continue" to review and submit your completed application.

Rewards Of Kohl's Credit Card:

  • Save 30% on your first purchase using your new Kohl's credit card.
  • This card entitles you to at least 12 exclusive offers.
  • Get another 15% discount when your card arrives in the mail. To be used on the separate future order.
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    Spend $600 on your Kohl's charge to become a Most Valued Customer(MVC) and receive at least 18 discounts a year.
  • check
    Click "Continue" to review and submit your completed application.

Benefits Of Kohl's Credit Card:

IF you have Kohl's credit card, then you can enjoy a host of benefits such as discounts, special offers and secure payment options. Here some of the benefits you will get as a Kohl's credit cardholder as mentioned below:

  • 25 per cent off your first Kohl's charge purchase.
  • At least 12 special offers every year including Kohl's promo codes and Kohl's coupons.
  • 15 per cent discount when the card arrives in the mail.
  • check
    Most valued customer status is given after spending $600 in one year; six additional savings offers per year, which might include free shipping from Kohl's and Kohl's discount codes.
  • check
    Easy account access for making bill payments online.
  • check
    Kohl's card storage in the Kohl's app for quick and convenient purchase payments in-store or online.
Additionally, you can increase your savings by combining your Kohl's card discounts with other Kohl's loyalty programs such as YEs2You rewards, Kohl's cash or discounts offered during "Night Owl" or "Early Bird" specials. If you are a local kohl's shopper and looking for the best savings at Kohl's, the Kohl's credit card might be a good choice.

How To Pay Kohl's Charge Card Online:

Register your account online at My Kohl's Charge to make free online payments through the kohl's sign-in page. You can schedule daily payments for up to 180 days, or schedule payments to go out on the same day each month. Payments made online by 7 p.m. CST post the same day. You can also pay your bill through an online bill-pay provider, including setting up autopay. Kohl's recommends scheduling payments at least 5 business days before the due date because some companies send a physical check instead of submitting an electronic payment.

How To Make Kohl's Credit Card Payment By Mail:

Kohl's does not accept cash payments by mail, but you can make a payment on your Kohl's credit card bill by check or money order. Mail your payment to:

Kohl's Payment Center
P.O.Box 2983
Milwaukee, WI53201-2983 

Kohl's Credit Card Payment By Phone:

First, call Kohl's Customer service at 855-564-5748 to pay a Kohl's charge by phone or ask questions about your account. Kohl's automated phone system allows you to make free payments 24 hours a day. Have your bank routing number and account number on hand, and make your payment by 7 p.m. CST for same-day posting to your account.

Phone associates can take debit or check-by-phone payments during business hours. Associates are available from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m CST Monday through Saturday and from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. CST on Sunday.

Value Of Kohl's Credit Card:

Yes2You is the official loyalty program that is used by all kohl's department stores. By becoming a member of the Yes2You Rewards program, you can earn reward points on all your Kohl's purchases. Whenever someone opens a new My Kohl's charge card account, Yes2You account is linked to it. Although having the My Kohl's Charge credit card allows you to get the most out of your Kohl's purchase, it is not a requirement to become a Yes2You reward member.

 NO matter which form of payment you choose to use when shopping at Kohl's, you will always be able to earn one point for every dollar you spend as a Yes2You rewards member.The points you collect can only be redeemed for Kohl's reward certificates. Every 100 points you receive can be redeemed for a $5 reward certificate. Every Yes2You point that you collect has a cash value of five cents.

Kohl's Credit Card Login Process:

Kohl's credit card without a doubt can be said to be one of the best shopping credit cards in the United States. It has a low-interest rate, no annual fee and offers its member pile-able discounts plus their Kohl's cash and Yes2You rewards programs. If you login kohl's credit card then follow some steps are mentioned below:

  • Log on to MykohlsCharge Website at www.mykohlscharge.com or credit.kohls.com/eCustService.
  • Navigate to Sign in section.
  • Now enter your username and password in the given boxes.
  • check
    Click on submit button to complete the Login process.
  • check
    if you face any error then check your internet connection and ensure that your username and password are correct.
  • check
    Try again to Login with correct username and password.
  • check
    You have successfully logged in to Mykohl'sCharge Account.

How To Reset Kohl's Credit Card Password:

Kohl's credit card login processed with two details means Username and Password. Both are important to you. Sometimes it's possible to forget the password if you can't remember your password then follow some steps are mentioned below:

  • Go to MykohlsCharge Website at www.mykohlscharge.com or credit.kohls.com/eCustservice.
  • Navigate to sign in section and click on the link forgot the password.
  • Read the information on the page carefully.
  • check
    Enter your Mykohlscharge username.
  • check
    Enter last four digits of your SSN means social security number.
  • check
    Click on next button to proceed.
  • check
    Answer a few questions to validate your identity.
  • check
    You will receive a Temporary Password on your Emial.ID.
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    List Element


The Kohl's credit card login is good for someone who shops at Kohl's on a regular basis. It is also a good option if you plan to pay it off each month. This will help you offset the higher APR that comes with this card. Finally, it offers a variety of discounts that can add up to decent savings if you are careful. This card is an all-around solid option for a retail card.